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How to Properly Clean a Portable Handwashing Station

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How to Properly Clean a Portable Handwashing Station

Setting up portable handwashing stations at your event is the perfect way to prevent the spread of germs between people. To ensure these stations can work effectively, you must keep them clean throughout the day. Discover how to properly clean a portable handwashing station.

Stock Up

You should make sure you inspect and clean portable sinks frequently for them to work as efficiently as possible. Have cleaning supplies, such as disinfectant, chlorine, bleach, pumping wands, towels, and brushes, readily available. Each handwashing station should have its own set of towels and brushes, and you should disinfect them all after each usage. You can prevent cross-contamination, waste pileups, and mold growth this way.

Start With the Basin

The basin is an essential part of a portable sink since it’s where you wash your hands. However, it will collect soap suds and waste as people use it. If you neglect routine cleaning and maintenance, the basin will become a breeding ground for dangerous germs, sediment, and other contaminants. Try to have a regular schedule for washing and sanitizing it. Additionally, clean it more frequently when you notice that it’s filthy.

Empty Greywater

Greywater refers to the runoff that results from people washing their hands. It includes soap and other particles and remains stored in a tank on the station. You’ll need to wheel the sink to a proper disposal site, remove the hose cap, and pull the hose out of the rib on the back of the holding tank (or wherever it might be on your specific station) to drain the greywater. Once you finish, you must replace the cap and wheel it back in place.

Refill Essentials and Inspect Little Details

You’ll need to refill necessities like soap and paper towels when they run out. If you notice any grime, fingerprints, or residual soap scum while filling them, you should make sure you’re wiping them down as well. This is also an excellent opportunity to check and clean any nooks and crannies you might not detect during a typical inspection.

Knowing how to properly clean a portable handwashing station will mean that your guests can keep their hands sanitary without worry. Floods Royal Flush can handle all your portable sink rental needs when you’re planning your next event. We’re a proud woman-owned and family-operated business in Chicago that strives to provide the best service possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us and receive a free quote today.

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