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How To Choose the Right Portable Restroom Service

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How To Choose the Right Portable Restroom Service

You want to ensure that you secure the best portable restroom service for your event or job site to satisfy people’s bathroom demands properly. Understanding the different options available to you can help you weigh your options and make the right choice. Look below to learn how to choose the right portable restroom service.

What Are Your Restroom Options

If you’re unfamiliar with the many portable potty service options accessible to you, it’s a good idea to know what you may select from so you can make an informed decision. Many factors might influence your choice, including event size, type, and location. Here are some of the services available to you.

Conventional Porta-Potty

Standard porta-potties are undoubtedly the portable restroom ser most people are familiar with seeing at concerts and construction sites. These toilets do not flush; instead, waste falls into a receptacle below to collect gallons of wastewater and debris. While their designs allow them to keep a large amount of waste, you should get them cleaned out before reaching a specific point to avoid hygiene and aesthetic issues.

Handicap and ADA Accessible Portable Restrooms

Handicap-accessible portable bathrooms have specialized rails put around the walls to provide extra stability to guests and a more extensive access door with a ground-level entry to facilitate a wheelchair. While both ADA and handicap-accessible restrooms can meet many of the demands of their visitors, the distinction is that to be ADA compliant, there must be adequate space for a wheelchair user to turn 360 degrees inside as well.

Portable Restroom Trailers

Portable restroom trailers provide many of the same creature comforts as using your bathroom at home while also presenting a more elegant environment wherever you put them up. These trailers have their entrances and exits, separate stalls, running water, mirrors, and many other amenities that make them incredibly inviting for guests and workers to use. As the name suggests, they’re also effortless to move around in case you need to change their placement throughout the time your event or job site takes place.

Hand Washing and Sanitizing Stations

It is more crucial than ever to ensure that individuals can keep their hands clean and sanitary. Portable handwashing stations allow guests to wash their hands throughout the day, which is especially useful if they sell food and beverages on the premises or work on a construction site. You may select between a portable sink with a foot pump to send water flowing out and a sanitizing station with a dab of sanitizer to destroy any germs or bacteria.

Holding Tanks

You should always use holding tanks for long-term portable bathroom rentals, such as an outdoor rest area or a multi-day special event. These portable septic tank rentals enable porta-potties and restroom trailers to hold significantly more waste throughout the day without needing to frequently clean and service them. In turn, that keeps rentals more sterile and smelling nice even when dealing with large crowds.

Factors That You Need To Consider

You need to know what your future needs are now that you know what’s available to you. These criteria will vary based on the nature of the event, so you should prepare yourself as much as possible when making your rentals; the more information you can bring to the table, the better.

Know How Many People Are Attending

Determine how many people will attend your event and how long it will last to calculate how many porta potties you will need. As a general rule of thumb, provide at least one portable restroom per 50 people for events lasting up to four hours. However, it can be difficult to accurately predict how many times each person will use a unit, so it’s preferable to err on the side of caution and rent more than you think you need.

Location Matters

You need to account for how much space you’re working with and set up units accordingly. Porta-potties may be more preferable for smaller spaces, while restroom trailers are perfect for expansive locations. You should also keep porta-potties, trailers, and handwashing stations spread out, so one spot doesn’t become too congested.

Watch the Weather

Consider the season in which you are throwing your event to provide visitors with the greatest possible experience. When you know it gets sweltering and humid or bitterly cold, you should go for restroom trailers. These units can be chilled or heated on the inside as needed, ensuring that people are always comfortable when they enter.

What You Should Look for in a Portable Restroom Supplier

You want to know that the business from whom you are renting portable restrooms can satisfy all of your requirements and deliver the most exemplary service possible. Here are some characteristics that your provider should have.

Extremely Reliable

You want to know that you can count on your restroom supplier to provide precisely what they promise. Even if your event is last-minute, having a reliable source on whom you can fall back allows you to obtain the services you need at the last minute.

Maximum Cleanliness

Once the date of your event arrives, the very best suppliers deliver precisely what you’re expecting the moment you’re expecting it. These top providers regularly clean and maintain their units, so they show up clean and ready to use from the get-go. Basically, they should come in excellent working condition, fully equipped with essentials and accessories, and pumped and regularly serviced to maintain them for the duration of your event.

Great Selection

Every event is different, and you need to mix and match restroom services as required. Suppose your supplier only has one or two porta-potty units available. In that case, you may not find the correct restroom for your black-tie affair or provide handicap-accessible restrooms for guests with specialized needs. Look for companies with a wide selection and a considerable number of units to meet your demands.

The good news is that Floods Royal Flush goes above and beyond to meet all the conditions you’re looking for in a portable restroom rental provider. When you’re trying to figure out how to choose the right portable restroom service, we will do everything possible to ensure you’re getting everything you need for your event or worksite. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our services.

How To Choose the Right Portable Restroom Service

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