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3 Advantages to Using Hand Sanitizer Over Washing

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3 Advantages to Using Hand Sanitizer Over Washing

Many outdoor locations may lack the necessary facilities for attendees to wash their hands in a sink. You can guarantee that everyone stays sanitary and keeps their hands clean throughout the day by arranging hand sanitizer stations around your event. Continue reading to discover three advantages to using hand sanitizer over washing.

Best Way To Apply Hand Sanitizer

To ensure that your hand sanitizer is effective, you need to use the proper technique to kill virtually all bacteria that may be present. First, you need to ensure you’re wiping off any organic matter, like dirt, before applying the sanitizing solution. Next, apply a dollop (around the size of a dime) of hand sanitizer to one of your palms.

Then, rub your hands together until you’ve covered every surface of your hands and fingers. Finally, continue massaging until your skin fully absorbs the solution.

Saves Time

When you’re washing your hands in the bathroom, you need to make sure you scrub them for at least twenty seconds to eliminate bacteria. However, when guests walk around your event and spot a hand sanitizer station, they can quickly step up and get a small amount of solution. Then, they’re free to continue walking as they clean their hands.

Does an Incredible Job

As the last couple of years have shown us, being safe and sanitary is one of our highest priorities, especially at events where there may be many other people around. Hand sanitizer is incredibly effective at killing virtually all the germs that may be living on your hands. You can ensure that everyone can stay hygienic even when there’s no access to sinks.

Incredibly Portable

Unlike a sink that requires a water hookup, you can place hand sanitizer stations anywhere. This incredible convenience makes it easy to keep everyone safe no matter where you go. All you need to worry about is refilling the stations after they start to run low on the solution.

Understanding the three advantages to using hand sanitizer over washing enables you to make the best possible decision when it comes to organizing outdoor occasions such as petting zoos, concerts, festivals, and much more. Floods Royal Flush offers hand sanitizer station rentals that are adaptable and practical when water isn’t available. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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