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Clever Ways To Spruce Up Your Porta Potty Rental

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Clever Ways To Spruce Up Your Porta Potty Rental

You may think of porta potties as a bland necessity that can’t blend seamlessly into fancy and fun outdoor events. However, you can dress up portable restrooms to match any environment with just a few simple changes. Continue reading to explore clever ways to spruce up your porta potty rental.

Set Up Some Fun Lighting

Hanging battery-powered string or lantern lights inside portable bathrooms can improve the atmosphere and brighten the interiors. These lights are stylish and provide a touch of sophistication wherever you place them. All you need are a few command hooks to install the temporary, trendy lighting inside.

Add Some Seasonal Decorations

With a few festive additions, you can seamlessly integrate porta-potties into your holiday events. You can go to any dollar store and grab some seasonal decorations to display on the outside and inside your restrooms. These small touches go a long way toward making them feel more inviting and keeping the celebratory spirit going.

Use Flowers To Enliven Spaces

An arrangement of flowers near the sink or directly outside the porta potty can liven up the space. You can use the same color schemes for the bouquets you place in portable restrooms for occasions like weddings. These flowers provide a touch of beauty to an otherwise ordinary bathroom.

Place Bathroom Essentials Inside

With a selection of bathroom amenities, such as breath mints, hand wipes, and headache medicines, you can genuinely bring class to your portable units. These essentials will make your guests feel like they’re in a posh restaurant or club bathroom and help in a pinch with various minor issues.

With these clever ways to spruce up your porta potty rental, you can ensure your units from Floods Royal Flush will integrate perfectly into any event. You can also guarantee that your festivities are fully inclusive by using ADA portable restrooms with larger interiors and roll-in ground floor access. Don’t hesitate to contact us today with any questions and receive a free quote for your next event.

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