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Best Ways To Ensure Hand Washing Stations Are Accessible

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Best Ways To Ensure Hand Washing Stations Are Accessible

When it comes to keeping germs at bay, nothing beats a good old handwashing routine. But let’s face it, not all hand washing stations scream “welcome” to everyone. Many people with disabilities and small children have difficulty using standard-sized hand washing stations.

So how do we make these stations friendlier to kids, folks with disabilities, and anyone who wants to scrub without a fuss? Here are the best ways to ensure hand washing stations are accessible.

Have Stations for Children and Those With Disabilities

Let’s begin by talking about height. Not everyone can reach a standard-sized hand washing station, especially the little ones or individuals who use wheelchairs.

Installing lower stations or adjustable ones is the best way to expand access. People with wheelchairs can reach the sink without struggling. Parents won’t have to stress out watching their kids attempt to reach a sink that’s too high.

Use Foot-Operated Pedals for Water and Soap

Ever tried operating a soap dispenser with soapy hands? It’s a slippery undertaking. Foot-operated pedals for dispensing water and soap are cool and practical, helping you get the water running with minimal disruption.

This feature makes handwashing stations more accessible and adds an element of fun to the mundane act of cleaning your hands. Plus, it’s a great workaround for those who might find traditional faucets challenging.

Make Hand Washing Stations Easy To Reach

Location, location, location—it matters in real estate and in hand hygiene. You don’t want to hide the hand washing stations in the back corner next to the storage closet.

Instead, place them in easy-to-reach places where people naturally gather. We recommend placing them at the entrances, food areas, or near the main event spaces.

Doing so will make it easier for people to find and use them. It’s like putting up a big sign that says, “Clean hands this way!”

Have Enough Hand Washing Stations

There’s nothing fun about waiting in line for ages to wash your hands. If you’re hosting an event or managing a public space, make sure you have enough hand washing stations to match the crowd size.

You don’t want a bunch of people congregating around high-traffic areas with dirty hands. That’s a recipe for major germ spread that could potentially ruin your event.

Get Feedback About Accessibility

It’s also critical to get feedback from those who know the most about accessibility requirements: individuals with disabilities. They can provide insights you might not have considered, making the handwashing stations more accessible and user friendly. You should actively seek out their advice to improve your event planning efforts.

Ensuring hand washing stations are accessible is about being thoughtful and considerate of everyone’s needs. From installing smaller stations to using foot-operated pedals, the five ways shown above can make a world of difference.

And remember that if you’re looking to up your hygiene game, a hand washing station rental from Floods Royal Flush is the way to go. Our handwashing stations are a clean, fun, and inclusive way to keep everyone’s hands in tip-top shape.

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