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5 Things Everyone Should Know About Using Holding Tanks

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5 Things Everyone Should Know About Using Holding Tanks

Portable restroom rentals require holding tanks. The tank makes for an easier clean-up and enhances the portable bathroom experience. You can try and avoid purchasing one, but you would only be cheating yourself. After acquiring your portable bathrooms, get your holding tanks. But first, there are at least five things everyone should know about using them.

Holding Tank Purpose

Holding tanks, also known as septic tanks, are tanks installed near a portable restroom. After the installation, the contraptions collect the wastewater and other sewage products from these restrooms. Aside from portable toilets, you can use holding tanks for vehicles like RVs, trains, trucks, and aircraft.

Holding Tanks and the Environment

A septic tank requires continuous pumping, allowing wastewater to spread throughout its surrounding drain field. If you are hosting an outdoor event, this process can wreak havoc on the environment.

The plastic containers hold gallons of water without letting a drop leak into the environment. A holding tank keeps all that wastewater locked in until you’re ready to dump it. You don’t have to worry about damaging any nature around you or increasing your carbon footprint.

Holding Tank Maintenance

While holding tanks can hold gallons of water and waste, they still need periodic cleaning and maintenance to ensure proper usage. Frequent cleaning helps prevent foul odors or germs from forming in this area.

To get the most out of your holding tank, try cleaning it with a water softener and laundry detergent. These ingredients remove foul smells and facilitate the breakdown of toilet paper and waste. Using liquid bleach also sanitizes the tank while preventing disease-causing bacteria like salmonella or norovirus from proliferating.

Holding Tanks and Porta Potties

Holding tanks help keep porta-potties fresh. Without them, users experience a smelly and unsanitary experience. After a couple of guests, a portable bathroom without a holding tank develops an unwelcoming atmosphere. A holding tank eliminates this possibility.

The blue water in the porta-potty can only do so much. Eventually, its chemical concoction won’t hold off unpleasant smells. The tanks keep unwanted odors from seeping into the restroom and outside the toilet. There’s no reason for the portable bathroom section to smell like its purpose.

Holding Tank Sizes

Depending on your party’s size, you want a holding tank that can accommodate everyone. Holding tanks range widely in their gallon capacities. At Floods Royal Flush, we offer septic tank rentals that hold up to 300 gallons. These accommodate long-term portable restroom rentals.

You want to get a tank that you know will get the job done while also making your job easier. Our tanks come durable and prepared for any task while being environmentally friendly and formaldehyde-free.

For more information that you should know about using holding tanks or portable bathrooms, visit our website.

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