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3 Reasons Every Event Needs Hand Washing Stations

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3 Reasons Every Event Needs Hand Washing Stations

Practicing good hygiene has never been more crucial than it is today, especially in large crowds. If you plan to throw any outdoor events this summer, you must supply your guests with the proper resources to keep themselves sanitized and protected.

Having a portable bathroom at your event means nothing if you don’t get a hand washing station to accompany it. Read on to learn three reasons every event needs handwashing stations.

Reason #1: To Wash Your Hands

Providing a handwashing station for your guests gives them a place to wash and clean their hands after using the restroom thoroughly. The purpose is in the name—this station comes in handy for reasons beyond bathroom usage.

Many outdoor events incorporate things like food. Depending on what you’re serving, situations can get messy. After enjoying their meals, your guests will need a place to rinse their hands. They can also come to the station to wash up before eating.

The station takes care of other situations like kids getting their hands messy and sticky from playing or instances where people need to rinse their hands after applying sunscreen.

Reason #2: Stop the Spread of Germs

Spreading germs can cost someone their life. Constantly washing and sanitizing your hands helps combat this possibility. The lather from the soap forms pockets called micelles that trap and remove germs, harmful chemicals, and dirt from your hands.

Lathering with soap and scrubbing your hands for 20 seconds is vital to this process because these actions physically destroy germs and remove them from your hands. Help prevent the spread of germs at your event by supplying everyone with a handwashing station.

Reason #3: Make Your Guests Feel Appreciated

The invitation your guests receive for the event shows that you enjoy their company, but providing them with a handwashing station shows that you care and appreciate them. You took the time to include this device because you know how important it is to provide them with a clean environment.

It shows you’re thinking ahead and want everyone to feel comfortable while enjoying their outing. When you need to rent a portable hand washing station, turn to Floods Royal Flush. We can help your guests see how much you care.

Your outdoor event is not complete without a handwashing station. The proof is in the reasons. Shop with Flood Royal Flush and get all your outdoor event sanitation essentials. For more information visit our website.

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