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Reasons To Rent Holding Tanks With Portable Toilets

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Reasons To Rent Holding Tanks With Portable Toilets

You will often find yourself renting portable restrooms for various occasions, such as outdoor events and construction sites. Portable toilets make it convenient for guests and employees to meet their bathroom needs, especially when there are no accessible indoor restrooms nearby. However, when many people use these portable toilets throughout the day, they can quickly fill up and become unusable. Holding tanks, also known as septic tanks, can be a straightforward, practical solution to this issue. Read on to learn about the reasons to rent holding tanks with portable toilets.

Keep Toilets Cleaner

Portable toilets typically have a blue detergent that helps mask odors by eliminating the bacteria that causes foul smells. However, as stated above, high-capacity crowds can quickly overwhelm toilets with waste to the point that the detergent is not enough to prevent these odors. Holding tanks store the wastewater away from the bathrooms so that they smell fresher and stay cleaner.

Increase Capacity

One of the biggest reasons to rent holding tanks with portable toilets is to increase their capacity to store waste. These holding tanks can vary in size, ranging from five to 350 gallons of additional space. A bigger tank means it is less likely for waste to build up to uncomfortable levels, which can cause materials inside to overflow and smell. The material used in holding tanks is also highly robust and prevents unpleasant odors from leaking into and out of the toilet.

Expand the Time Between Servicing

Unusable and foul-smelling restrooms can quickly sour your visitors’ attitudes if you’re attempting to make an excellent first impression. At events where there are many people, waste can rapidly accumulate in porta-potties. The result is that staff would have to constantly service your portable restrooms as they filled up. Holding tanks increase the time it usually takes between having to remove waste.

Floods Royal Flush offers high-quality portable septic tank rentals and impeccable service to meet your mobile restroom needs. Let us help make your next outdoor event a success. Renting our holding tanks can help ensure your guests have a great portable restroom experience. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to get a free quote about our products.

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