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Portable Hand Sanitizer vs. Hand Sink for Job Sites

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Portable Hand Sanitizer vs. Hand Sink for Job Sites

Job sites get messy, and it’s hard to keep everything in order and clean, but that’s no excuse to neglect your hands. Because they experience the most activity on these sites, they need constant protection, and we’re not just talking about PPE. There needs to be a place where workers can sanitize their hands, so you’ve got a decision to make: portable hand sanitizer or hand sink for job sites.

Handwashing Versus Sanitizing

Yes, there is a difference between handwashing and hand sanitizing. They both have the same goal in mind, but there is a difference in the function of the task they perform. Washing your hands obviously requires soap and water. There are two ingredients to that formula.

Hand sanitizing has just one: the sanitizer. But there are several elements inside that hand sanitizer that kill the germs on your hands. There needs to be at least 60 percent alcohol for a sanitizer to be effective against those germs. Otherwise, the task is pointless.

Soap and water don’t necessarily have a percentage requirement to remove the germs from your hands. Health professionals recommend washing your hands with antibacterial soap and hot water specifically to be more effective. The water doesn’t need to be scalding, but warm water works better against germs.

Hand Sanitizing Pros and Cons

Hand sanitizing might seem more convenient for people. There are portable stations at popular establishments and travel-size bottles for people to carry with them. If you enter a restaurant, they normally have a hand sanitizer station near the entrance so you can sanitize your hands after touching the door.

The alcohol base of the sanitizer kills most of the germs on your hands with the correct percentage. So, there’s your gamble. If you don’t get the correct percentage, then the germs on your hands will stay in place. You might have injured them slightly, but you didn’t completely kill them.

It’s not recommended to use hand sanitizer as your primary hand care item. You’ll still need to wash your hands because the sanitizer doesn’t fully remove the germs.

Handwashing Pros and Cons

One of the biggest pros of hand washing is how effective it is. Soap and water are the perfect combinations to completely remove the germs from your hands. Chemicals and heavy metals don’t even stand a chance against this dynamic duo.

But just like any other good relationship, there are some setbacks we need to consider. Handwashing requires equipment. Not all places are as advanced as they should be, so people are forced to physically touch the sink and soap dispenser.

If you’re concerned about germs, this could be a big problem for you. But the germs you collect in the process will wash away completely as you wash your hands. It’s crucial for the company supplying the portable hand washing station to keep it clean and well-maintained. We make that a priority here at Floods Royal Flush.

Whether you want to go with job portable hand sanitizer or a hand sink for your site, you can’t go wrong by shopping with us because we supply them both. Shop today!

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