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ADA Portable Restroom Regulations: What to Know

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ADA Portable Restroom Regulations: What to Know

Making your event or workspace as accessible as possible is both good practice and often a legal obligation. You may need to rent ADA-compliant portable restrooms for outdoor events to ensure you comply with different laws and regulations. Continue reading to uncover what to know about ADA portable restroom regulations.

What Is an ADA Portable Restroom?

ADA portable restrooms are units that are compliant with the Federal American Disabilities Act. These units have large interiors to allow for ample wheelchair navigation room and feature interior guard rails. Every ADA portable restroom is also level with the ground, including a ramp, so that individuals can easily access them.

What Are ADA Regulations?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) established guidelines for the use of portable restrooms. These guidelines go into more detail than the laws that govern standard handicapped-accessible portable bathrooms.

Know How Many Toilets You Need

You need to have at least one ADA-compliant restroom for every 20 units you have at your location. You’ll also have to make sure there’s one ADA restroom within every grouping of portable toilets.

Ramps Need To Be Available

You will also need ramps as per ADA regulations. Make sure you also construct entry landings alongside the ramps. The landings at the entrances must be large enough to allow for mobility and access to the restroom.

Have Adequate Room Inside

The ADA calls for adequate “head-to-toe” clearance in the interiors of the restrooms. In these cases, that clearance means having enough horizontal space for wheelchairs to enter and exit smoothly. You also need enough room so that wheelchair users can turn successfully.

Additional Interior & Exterior Design Elements

These bathrooms require magnetic or hinged doors to make opening and closing them much more straightforward. They should also have reinforced internal grip bars and use reinforced materials in the construction. Finally, you need to place clear signage indicating the bathroom is ADA compliant.

You can use this guide regarding what to know about ADA portable restroom regulations to help you make inclusive decisions for your next outdoor event or construction site. Floods Royal Flush provides the best in wheelchair-accessible porta potty rentals that offer maximum comfort and are ADA compliant. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our services.

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