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A Look at Permits and Requirements for Portable Restrooms

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A Look at Permits and Requirements for Portable Restrooms

Whether you are planning an outside event for fall or have an upcoming construction project, you can always benefit from renting portable restrooms. However, before renting out units, you should look at the permits and requirements for portable restrooms. Here is some basic information you should know about the rental process.

Location of Your Event

The location of your event or project will dictate the permits and requirements you need to fulfill. It is essential to understand these details to ensure you avoid penalties or unforeseen issues that can prove costly. Continue reading for a look at permits and requirements for portable restrooms in private and public spaces.

Private Property

If you’re setting up portable restrooms on private property, you will likely have an easier time getting approval. If you own the property, you may not need a permit for portable restrooms at all. However, some neighborhoods and homeowner associations may have guidelines about placing structures, even temporary ones, on your property. You should check with them beforehand to ensure you remain in compliance.

Public Property

You will likely need a permit when setting up portable restrooms on public property. Most cities require a permit to place structures on public land. The permit will specify how long the portable restrooms can remain on the property and how many units you can have.

Cities may also have guidelines about properly maintaining and sanitizing your portable toilets. They also may require you to have a certain number of ADA-compliant units on the premises. You should always check with the appropriate authorities before using portable toilets on public property.

Portable Toilets on a Job Site

For construction projects, portable toilets are more than just a convenience; they are necessary. In Illinois, job sites must have adequate restrooms for their workforce. Employees should have easy access to these restrooms, and the restrooms should meet basic hygienic standards.

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