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6 Items You Should Supply With a Handwashing Station

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Four porta potties are lined up together on a grassy field. There is a handwashing station directly next to the restrooms.

A reliable handwashing station is essential when managing an event or construction site. Providing the right supplies ensures cleanliness and hygiene for everyone involved. Here are six items you should supply with a handwashing station to encourage proper sanitation and hygiene.

Paper Towels or Portable Dryers

Offering paper towels or portable dryers is crucial for a complete handwashing experience. Paper towels provide a quick and efficient way for someone to dry their hands and are easy to dispose of after use.

Portable dryers are eco-friendly and eliminate the need for constant restocking. Pick the option that best fits your event or site needs, ensuring users can dry their hands properly after washing.

A Covered Trash Container

A covered trash container is a must-have next to any handwashing station. It helps keep the area tidy by providing a designated place for used paper towels or other waste.

The cover helps contain odors and prevents insects from accessing the trash, maintaining a clean and sanitary environment. Having a trash container nearby encourages proper disposal and keeps the station organized.

Ample Water Supply

An ample water supply is the backbone of any effective handwashing station. Providing a steady flow of potable water makes it easy for users to wash their hands thoroughly.

For portable handwashing stations, check that the water tanks are full and can sustain the expected number of uses. Regularly monitor the water levels to avoid running out, especially during high-traffic events or busy workdays.

Convenient Foot Pump Operation

A convenient foot pump operation allows for hands-free water dispensing and enhances hygiene by preventing cross-contamination. Users can activate the water flow using their feet, keeping their hands clean throughout the process.

This feature is particularly beneficial in high-traffic areas, during events, or at jobsites with individuals with disabilities. It allows you to provide a seamless and sanitary handwashing experience for your entire group.

Integrated Soap Dispenser

An integrated soap dispenser is essential for thorough handwashing. The convenience of having soap readily available encourages proper handwashing practices among users. Choose a dispenser that’s easy to use and maintain to keep the station functional.

Wastewater Collection System

A wastewater collection system is vital for maintaining cleanliness around a handwashing station. It collects and disposes of the used water properly, preventing puddles and potential hazards.

This system effectively manages wastewater, keeping the area dry and safe. You should empty the wastewater container regularly to maintain the station’s efficiency and cleanliness.

Floods Royal Flush: Your Trusted Handwashing Station Provider

Trust Floods Royal Flush to provide top-quality solutions for all your handwashing station needs. We understand the importance of hygiene and convenience in any setting, including event or construction sites. Our portable handwashing station rental services give you everything you need to keep your guests’ hands clean and the environment safe.

These six items you should supply with a handwashing station are crucial in creating a seamless and hygienic environment. Whether you need a portable handwashing station for one night or many nights, look no further than Floods Royal Flush. We’ll provide reliable and comprehensive solutions that make your job easier.

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