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5 Tips for Preparing for a Porta Potty Delivery

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A male worker wearing a yellow hardhat and protective vest loading a light blue rental porta potty onto a delivery truck.

Planning an event requires attention to many details, including restroom facilities. A well-prepared porta-potty delivery makes throwing an event a more coordinated and less chaotic affair. Here are five tips for preparing for a porta-potty delivery that will make a big difference in your event’s success.

Nail Down Your Event Layout and Porta Potty Placement

Finalize your venue’s layout before the porta-potties arrive. Consider the flow of traffic and place the porta potties in a location that’s easy for guests to access. Avoid areas that might become congested or don’t make logistical sense.

A strategic placement can minimize lines and keep your event running smoothly. Think about proximity to main event areas and avoid any food or drink stations. These considerations will ensure that the restrooms are not too close to cause unpleasant odors and not too far to cause inconvenience.

Coordinate the Lighting and Security for the Restroom Area

Having well-lit and secure porta potties is essential, especially if your event extends into the evening. Arrange for adequate lighting around the restroom area to help guests find their way and feel safe. Solar-powered lights or portable floodlights are excellent options.

Additionally, consider security measures such as periodic checks by staff or security personnel. Proper security can prevent vandalism and keep toiletry supplies stocked throughout the event.

Ensure Your Delivery Location Can Accommodate Trucks or Trailers

Where you have your porta potties delivered and placed requires space for trucks or trailers to maneuver. Check the delivery path and make sure it is free of obstacles such as low-hanging branches, narrow gates, or tight corners.

Clear the area where the delivery company will place the porta potties and provide them with clear instructions or maps. This preparation helps avoid delays and ensures that the delivery team places them in the right spots.

Confirm Arrangement Details With Your Delivery Company

A successful porta-potty delivery relies on clear communication with your delivery company. Confirm all the details, such as the number of units, placement locations, and delivery times. Discuss any specific requirements you might have, such as handicap-accessible units or hand-washing stations.

Double-check that the delivery company has all the information they need to complete the delivery efficiently. Keeping an open line of communication can prevent misunderstandings and last-minute changes.

Have a Plan in Place for Porta Potty Pickup

The pickup of porta potties after your event is just as important as their delivery. Coordinate with your delivery company to schedule a convenient pickup time. Remove any debris and obstacles surrounding the porta potties to help with the removal process.

Create a maintenance plan to maintain the units’ cleanliness and functionality if your event spans multiple days. Knowing the pickup schedule will help you create a timeline that ensures your event’s success.

These five tips for preparing for a porta-potty delivery will help you handle this essential aspect of event planning with ease. Following the advice above will give you a sense of control that’s hard to come by in the event planning business.

Preparation is key to throwing a successful event, whether you only need one porta potty or you’ve ordered a 300-gallon septic tank from Floods Royal Flush. Contact us today to determine the size and scope of your restroom needs.

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