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5 Tips for Hand Sanitizer Station Placement

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5 Tips for Hand Sanitizer Station Placement

As weddings and large events become more extravagant and expensive, the people who throw these events face new challenges and growing expectations. However, they also can flex their creative muscles and find new ways to satisfy their clients and guests.

For example, figuring out the placement of hand sanitizer stations has emerged as an important aspect of planning. Finding the right spot for a hand sanitizer station will help attendees stay germ free and keep the event’s flow and design intact. If you’re an event maestro, you may benefit from these five tips for hand sanitizer station placement. They’ll help your event stand out for the right reasons.

Put Them at Entrance and Exit Points

These are no-brainers. As attendees walk into or leave an event, you should have sanitizer readily available to reinforce the idea of safety. Place them strategically at every entrance and exit so that there’s no missing them. Make it part of the welcoming or farewell ritual.

Set Them in High Traffic Areas

Think of places where people naturally congregate: near the bar, food stations, or the dance floor. A hand sanitizer station rental can be both functional and decorative. Collaborate with your décor team to ensure it aligns with the event’s theme, turning a necessary precaution into a style statement.

Place Them Near Restrooms

While restrooms already have sinks and soap, placing a hand sanitizer station nearby serves as a gentle reminder for guests to keep their hands clean, especially after they’ve touched doorknobs and other surfaces. It’s all about double reinforcement.

Integrate Them With Décor

A hand sanitizer station rental doesn’t have to be an eyesore. You can work a sanitizing station into the event’s décor by adding flowers, lighting, or signage that matches the event’s theme. A sanitizing station can even serve as an interactive point where guests can grab a fun sticker or badge after sanitizing.

Inform and Direct People to Them

While placement is essential, communication is just as critical. Use stylish signage to direct guests toward these stations, or incorporate them into your event program. A subtle mention from the MC or a fun jingle during the event can also do the trick. The key is to make sanitizing hands a seamless, enjoyable experience.

As we continue to adapt and innovate in the world of event planning, it’s essential to view challenges as opportunities. By considering the five tips for hand sanitizer station placement, you can help create a safe, stylish, and memorable event. To learn more about portable hand sanitizer stations, contact Floods Royal Flush. Our team will provide you with more information about our versatile and convenient solutions to cleanliness.

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