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5 Interesting Facts About Portable Restrooms

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5 Interesting Facts About Portable Restrooms

Portable bathrooms can be found anywhere, from construction sites on your way to work to rows of porta-potties at music festivals. These ubiquitous facilities let you use the restroom comfortably and discreetly almost anywhere you can think of, but you may not know much about them. Luckily, we’ve compiled five interesting facts about portable restrooms below.

The Modern Portable Restroom Was Conceived During World War II

There have been many versions of a “portable restroom” throughout history, but the version that we are all familiar with dates to World War II. A loading dock supervisor noticed that his workers were underperforming during the war because it took them so long to travel to shore to use the restroom. He was inspired to design the first contemporary portable bathroom, which featured a metal tank and wood paneling.

No-Flush Design Makes Units Eco-Friendly

The majority of portable bathrooms do not require flushing to dispose of the waste inside. Even portable toilets that flush with water use far less water each flush than indoor facilities. This aspect contributes to why renting them out for events and construction sites is particularly ecologically beneficial.

The Blue Water Inside Is Blue for a Reason

You’ve probably noticed that the water in portable toilets is a vivid blue tint. Biocides in these tank liquids eliminate microorganisms in the enclosed unit to make it more sanitary. However, they also apply a dye to tint them blue to conceal the unpleasant waste inside.

Which Way Does Your Toilet Paper Go?

Next time you’re in one of the portable restrooms from Floods Royal Flush, you should check to see which direction the toilet paper is going. It turns out that three out of every four people in America prefer to place their toilet paper roll with the flap in front rather than behind. In fact, some people feel so strongly that this is the “proper” way that they will reverse the direction of any toilet paper they see going the “wrong” way.

Portable Restrooms Protect the Surrounding Environment

Farm waste contributes to algae blooms, which deplete the available oxygen in our sea life. Furthermore, toxic runoff is the cause of so many of our local waterbodies becoming hazardous for recreation. When renting a portable bathroom, you support proper sanitation techniques in places with few facilities.

We hope you enjoyed learning these five interesting facts about portable restrooms. Floods Royal Flush is your leading provider of portable toilet rentals in Illinois when you’re looking for a reliable and efficient mobile restroom business. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our services.

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