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3 Tips for Disposing of Holding Tank Waste

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3 Tips for Disposing of Holding Tank Waste

Holding tanks are perfect for extending the time between servicing portable restrooms. However, once it’s time to empty these units out, you need to ensure you’re taking the correct steps. You can get your porta-potties back up and running as soon as possible. Look below to explore three tips for disposing of holding tank waste.

Contact Sanitation Company

Typically, a sanitation crew will oversee extracting wastewater from holding tanks. You can contact us, and we will come to the site with huge vehicles equipped with massive storage tanks. The sanitation crew will then connect large hoses to the holding tanks’ output ports.

The hoses use vacuum technology to suction out the waste, emptying it into the trucks’ gigantic tanks. These hoses can rapidly remove debris from porta-potties and holding tanks.

After collecting all the excrement, the crews will replenish the porta-potties with new toilet paper and start filling waste bins with a blue chemical liquid that kills bacteria and keeps the restroom smelling fresh.

Check for Approved Waste Disposal Sites

You may be in situations when you are further away from sanitation services and need to dispose of wastewater immediately, such as at a campsite. You might need to dump the debris at an authorized dumpsite or sewer line.

Check if it’s permissible to dump wastewater into the sewage line before employing it. By disposing of excrement at designated locations, you certify that you’ll transport it straight to a treatment facility for proper treatment and disposal.

Removing Excess Waste

When you choose to remove the waste personally, attaching a hose to the holding tank’s outlet hole on the side is the simplest way to do so. Ensure the other end of the hose is within the sewer or dumpsite line to avoid splashing and prevent any waste from entering the surrounding environment.

Once you connect the hose, the waste should pour into the line. You may need to spray water into the bin to flush the contents out of the hose and clean out the tank. After you finish the removal, sanitize the entire portable toilet.

Using these three tips for disposing of holding tank waste ensures your portable restrooms stay as fresh as possible. Floods Royal Flush has you covered for all your toilet holding tank needs to ensure porta-potties and restroom trailers can handle a large volume of people. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our services.

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