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3 Interesting Facts To Know About Holding Tanks

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3 Interesting Facts To Know About Holding Tanks

If you have a porta-potty, then the next obvious purchase would be a holding tank. Holding tanks keep porta-potties functional and tolerable. But if you require more convincing, look over these three interesting facts to know about holding tanks.

Environmentally Friendly

This may be an obvious point, but it’s still worth mentioning. Holding tanks are helpful to the environment. If you’re unfamiliar with holding tanks, they store all the wastewater from a portable bathroom. Some people assume that holding tanks harm the environment because of the chemicals used in portable bathrooms. However, that’s false.

Holding tanks prevent any sort of leakage. You don’t need to worry about porta-potty chemicals or sewage seeping into the soil. Manufacturers have designed holding tanks to ensure nothing like this happens. Because of porta-potty’s frequent use, this is a critical point.

Extremely Durable

We briefly mentioned this in the first point. However, let us further emphasize this point. Holding tanks are extremely durable, mainly because they come in various sizes. The different sizes are necessary because porta-potties without holding tanks can and will fill up rather quickly.

Here at Floods Royal Flush, we offer various sizes of holding tank rentals. Our largest one is 300 gallons, which is perfect for a long-term portable restroom. The size of our tanks speaks to their durability, but this doesn’t mean they don’t require regular maintenance. It’s important to properly clean and maintain the tanks so that you don’t experience any problems with your porta-potty.

Improves Sanitation

People often have a misconception that porta-potties are unsanitary. This isn’t entirely untrue, but it really only applies to portable restrooms that lack regular maintenance or holding tanks. Overfilled portable bathrooms will leave the worst impression on anybody. A holding tank solves this problem.

To optimize the sanitation experience, keep track of the wastewater inside the holding tank. Different colors mean different things. Any color that’s not clear means you must clear out the tank, but black wastewater means you can’t go another minute without emptying it.

These are three interesting facts about holding tanks and porta-potties. For more information, visit our website.

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